Stitch Fix #2 - The Summer Edition

After trying Stitch Fix in the spring for the first time and having only mild success, I decided to give it another go this summer. Not only was it a great fix, I also found a way to get the 25% discount without buying the whole fix. Read on to see what I mean...

If you haven't heard of Stitch Fix before, here's the quick and dirty details: 

  • You sign up, fill out an extensive styling profile, and schedule a "fix" to be mailed to your home. If you can, use a friend's referral link so they get a $25 credit - and your friends can do the same for you, too. Thanks for using my link!
  • When the fix is started, you're charged $20.
  • Each fix has 5 hand-picked clothing items selected by a stylist who gets to know you through your profile, Pinterest board, and individual fix note.
  • Once you receive the fix, you have 3 days to decide what you love and what you want to return.
  • To pay for your items, you check out on the Stitch Fix website and leave detailed comments and ratings on each item you were sent. This helps them know why you loved or hated each item so you can get better items next time.
  • The $20 styling fee is credited towards anything you keep.
  • If you keep all 5 items, you get 25% off the entire order.
  • You keep what you like and put the rest in a prepaid mailing bag and drop it off at USPS or Fed Ex.

After (another) round of closet purging, I wrote my stylist, asking for sleeveless summer tops in mixed materials and prints, strappy sandals, and mid-length shorts (which I find very difficult to find!). And she did not disappoint. 

 It always looks so pretty packaged up...

It always looks so pretty packaged up...

The photos above show what the items appear as on the "check-out" screen on your phone or computer. You can also peek ahead at your fix if you go to check-out before your items have arrived. Just don't finalize your fix!

Skies Are Blue Abiga Lace Detail Knit Tank

The fit and material of the tank were great - the lace and color, not so much. I recently have figured out that most yellows are just not flattering on me. This was an easy "NO" and I sold it on the Stitch Fix Facebook group (more details on that below!)

Kut From the Kloth Jaylon Pinstripe Denim Short

I had requested long-ish shorts in a fun print or color. I'm always nervous about ordering bottoms online, because they just don't fit right. But these fit me perfectly, and as a big stripe lover, the pinstripe pattern was perfect. I have gotten a lot of mileage from these over the summer, as they were easy to dress up or down. And they are a style of short that I haven't seen around much, which means it would have taken me a lot of hunting to find them - one more reason Stitch Fix stylists rock!!!

DV8 Dena Strappy Sandal

When I saw these in the bag, I immediately thought, Oh no, she didn't. And made up my mind I didn't like them. But I decided to at least try them on and walk around the house. And I quickly changed my mind - they were comfy, had a fun pattern, and added a nice pop of color to a lot of my neutral outfits. I also was convinced after I walked six blocks in them that evening without a blister popping up. They were keepers.

Skies Are Blue Kinski Mixed Material Top

I asked for a top with mixed material, and this is what she sent me - basically my ideal top. It's a bit hard to see in the photo, but the neckline and waist of the top are woven through with a beautiful graphic crochet that adds a lot of interest. And the blue is just gorgeous. Easy keep.

Renee C Jensine Split Neck Blouse

I really wanted to like this blouse, but it just screamed "1970's Disco!!!!" to me every time I looked at it. And made me a little dizzy. Luckily that sucker sold pretty quickly on the Facebook group!

Getting a Discount

This fix was a 3/5, which was perfect for me (and my budget), especially when I was able to sell the two pieces I didn't want on the Stitch Fix Facebook group (check it out here). That meant I purchased the whole lot from Stitch Fix at a 25% discount, saving me about $90! It might not be practical to do that with every fix, but it worked out perfectly for me.

Should You Try Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is not the cheapest place to buy clothes, for sure. But I loathe shopping. And the three pieces my stylist picked out that I kept have been worn on repeat throughout the summer and have held up a lot better than a lot of my cheap buys. So it's worth trying a few fixes if you're like me and want someone else to do the grunt work!

You can sign up for your first Fix here - this is my referral link, which means I get $25 when you order your first Fix (thank you!!!). And I'd love to hear about your experiences in the comments, whether awful or wonderful!

Note: Affiliate links used. Full disclosure here.