Letters to Declan: 5 Months

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Dear Declan,

This month, you gave us a big surprise.

We discovered you're a leftie.

I honestly never thought once about which hand you'd use. It's not that I assumed you'd be right-handed like both of your parents; it just never occurred to me to wonder which it would be.

But you have a grandfather, great-grandfather, and an aunt who are all lefties on my side, so I guess we know where you got it from. 

And there's no doubt you prefer your left hand, because you are lunging at everything in sight. Nothing is safe - if you see it, you want it! And that especially applies to food - your eyes follow our forks as we eat dinner, and I'm sure it won't be long til you decide you want to try some yourself.

This month, we all traveled to Phnom Penh - an eight hour drive over potholed roads and stops at questionable gas stations. You did pretty well on the road, but once at our friend's house, you decided sleep was overrated.

And while we were there, you rolled over!

 But you haven't done it since - I'm not sure if you were unimpressed with yourself or you decided it was just a one-hit wonder.

July was also the month we decided you should sleep through the night.

That's right, we forced it on you after our friend (who's a doctor) told us you really didn't need to eat at night anymore. You were still waking up once or twice in the night to feed, and I continued to feel like a zombie during the day.

So we gave it a shot. The first night, you cried an hour; the second night, thirty minutes; the third and fourth nights, fifteen; then by the fifth night -

blissful silence.

You have a routine now that you seem to love - bath time, nursing, and to bed by 6:30 pm, sleeping til 6-6:30 am the next morning.

I can't tell you how good it feels to be human again.

I'm so thankful you continue to be a strong, healthy boy who loves everyone. You don't know what a stranger is, and I'm pretty sure you already understand the Khmer words the ladies coo at you at church and in the market. And you love to coo and babble right back. You're a pretty amazing little boy.

But can we talk about the toe sucking for a minute?

First off, how in the world are you flexible enough to pull your feet up to your mouth and suck on your toes loud enough I can hear in the next room? And toes - why? Isn't your thumb good enough? It might be the first time I need to tell you "No", because that's not the best habit to develop. But - it is pretty dang cute.

Happy five months, little guy.