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Happy Fourth of July to all my American friends! Hope your weekend is full of fireworks, food, and family - the best of combinations. Enjoy some hot dogs for us! Since we are in Phnom Penh this week, we get to attend the annual Fourth of July party at the US Embassy for the first time! Follow along on Instagram to see how expats celebrate in Cambodia.

Today I have two things to share with you to enjoy over the weekend -

First, the online travel magazine Just Go Places (love the name!) just published their July 2014 edition focusing on Cambodia. And my poem "Cambodia" is featured in the front page. I'm still making my way through the magazine, but I'm already in love with their gorgeous photos and diverse stories. Check it out here.

Also, I wrote about the identity crisis I'm facing as an expat returning home on my friend Rachel's blog The Inspired Story. Here's an excerpt -

"My life abroad has come to define me. I view America as an outsider, laughing at the quirks of my fellow citizens in a way that would probably insult them. I post funny lists of “You know you’re an expat when…” on Facebook. My favorite packaged cookies are from places like Belgium, England, and Canada – countries I’ve never visited but where my fellow expats come from. 
And now that we’re moving back to the States, I find myself in an identity crisis. We hope to move back overseas after a year, but we’re also keenly aware that we need to hold that desire with an open hand. We may never live abroad again."
Read more here.

Happy holiday weekend!
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