10 Things I Love About My Husband

Andrew is turning 30 years old!!!

Yup, my husband is entering his thirties. And to celebrate the amazing man I'm married to, I made a list of things I love about him. This list could be much longer, but since you don't have all day to read about how incredible he is, here are the top ten.

1. He will always stop to help someone.

I can't count the many times he sees a need and immediately steps up to meet it. If you ask for his help, he will give it to you. I'm pretty sure he'd give the shirt off his own back if you asked - literally. He really puts Jesus' words about giving into practice.

2. He can relate to anyone.

Andrew is laid back and loves just talking with people and listening to their stories. He strikes up conversations with our neighbors, his staff, and waiters at restaurants. It's definitely a gift in a relationship-centered culture.

3. He is a musical genius.

Andrew has learned to play at least ten different instruments - piano, guitar, cello, drums, and more. And he is a gifted singer/songwriter. He even wrote me a beautiful song and sang it the night we were engaged, playing along with his guitar while we floated on a gondola down Brush Creek on the Plaza in Kansas City (trust me, it was even more romantic in real life!).

4. He never has unkind words for anyone.

Andrew is my opposite in this area - he doesn't complain, he doesn't gossip, he doesn't speak out in frustration. He's never spoken unkind or angry words to me.

5. He learned to salsa dance for me.

When we first started dating, I was really into salsa dancing. And he quickly realized he needed to dance, too, if he wanted to impress me. So throughout our six months of dating, he took lessons - which shows a lot of humility for a guy!

6. He doesn't get angry or raise his voice.

The only time I've ever seen Andrew really angry was when his iPhone was stolen out of his pocket.

He never yells at anyone (unless someone's life is in danger - like when we worked at teen boys' camp one summer, and one of the boys started pointing a bow and arrow at the others - I think yelling is justified then!).

7. He loves to travel.

Andrew is just as well-traveled (actually more!) as I am and loves discovering new places, even if it's a bit risky. I can't imagine being with anyone who didn't enjoy learning a new language or exploring a new city.

  In his element on the slopes of     Hakuba     .

In his element on the slopes of



8. He can stay calm in the face of chaos.

Whether it's dealing with an immigration crisis or providing relief after a typhoon, Andrew stays calm and focused on the task at hand. And when I was in labor with Declan, he was calm and supportive the entire time - definitely giving me a lot more peace!

9. He is a very patient teacher. 

Andrew loves investing in others and has spent a lot of time teaching his staff and youth at the church about English, music, water, and sanitation, among countless other topics. He stays at it til the other person understands, even if it takes a lot longer than he anticipated.

10. He is passionate about being a good father.

I hit the jackpot with my baby daddy - because he loves his son. Andrew is involved and hands-on with Declan, not afraid to change diapers or burp or clean up the various fluids that manage to escape his little body. And he wants to have an open, close relationship with his son in the future. Nothing sexier than a man who loves being a dad!

Andrew, as your wife, I am the luckiest woman alive.

You challenge me every day to become more like Jesus with your example of love and faith. I can't imagine life without you. This is the fifth birthday we've celebrated together, and I hope we have dozens more!

I love you!