Letters to Declan: 4 Months

Dear Declan,

What a month! You have awakened to the world around you. Everything you see is fascinating. You can hardly sit still anymore when you're awake, looking around open-mouthed, laughing with your dad, and putting everything within reach into your mouth. Which, by the way, is a drool factory.

Earlier this month, you had your first full set of vaccines since your newborn shots. And wow, my sweet little guy turned into a screaming monster baby. You had me in tears. But after a few days, you got over it. Which was a good thing, because we were at staff retreat, and plenty of people wanted to play with you. I'm so thankful that unless you're tired or hungry, you don't care who is holding you. You love everyone.

You've also discovered your voice - and you almost never stop babbling. Even as I type this, I can hear you in your bed, hollering for me to come get you (don't worry, you're not crying, yet). You've started "talking" when you want something. If you don't get it right away, you eventually trail off into crying or screaming - your new favorite thing.

I think the neighbors get tired of it more quickly than I do. One day, when I was busy in the kitchen and you were hollering for attention, one of the ladies below came upstairs and "rescued" you. Good thing you have plenty of aunties around!

Also, we've discovered a way to "hang out" with the grandparents back home. I sit you up in your Bumbo chair and set the laptop on the ground in front of you. When GG {Grandma Gail} or anyone else calls on Skype, you just sit and stare at the screen, flapping your arms when you get excited by the sound of their voice. I hope you'll recognize their voices when we move back home in September!

We're not really on a schedule yet - just when I think you've finally settled into one, you wake up an hour early, or decide you don't want to nap. And sleeping through the night? Still a pipe dream. It's so hard for me to let go of my type-A tendencies to put everything on a timetable. Motherhood is stretching me out, relaxing my grip on doing things my way. I'm feeling the growing pains, and it's good.

I love you, little guy. Happy four months.

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