Crazy Cambodian Traffic {part 1}

Driving here adventure.

You never know what you may see on the road.

And for laughs, I'm sharing some of the more amazing sights we've seen while driving through the Kingdom of Wonder.

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Some of these photos are compliments of my friends. And some of the photos are not great quality, because they were taken out the window of a moving vehicle. But you get the picture! {hehe. pun intended.}

You gotta wonder if the girl in the trunk got a discounted taxi seat...

Hang on!!!

Typical inter-village transport

Three piggies off to the market... (thanks, Patrick!)

For some reason, I'm not convinced...
That's one way to transport a moto...

Bicycle for two.

Please note that kid has an IV. And he's holding the pole himself. While driving through a flood.


Well at least they get a nice breeze on top...

Ok, that was way too much fun. And I have too many photos for one post. There will be another edition of Crazy Cambodian Traffic soon!

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