Letters to Declan - Two Months

Dear Declan,

You've survived your first hot season. Congratulations - most people couldn't hack 100+ degree weather every day. But you barely seemed to notice.

April also saw your first trip to Siem Reap, your first hotel stay, and a return trip to Bangkok. You just can't stop traveling, can you? At your six-week check up, the doctor was impressed with your chunky thighs. And you got more vaccines - sorry about that. Shots suck.

In case you're wondering, the scar on your left shoulder? It's from a tuberculosis vaccine. I hate the thought that being born overseas puts you at higher risk for getting such an awful disease. But I'm thankful there are vaccines that will hopefully protect you from that.

The past few weeks, we've been hanging out at home, and you're noticing things now. You're so much more aware of the world around you. While in Bangkok, we bought you a play mat with a colorful mobile. I love watching you lie on your back gazing up at the stuffed animals gently moving in the breeze of the fan. And you've exploded with smiles lately, catching my eye and grinning up at me like it's the highlight of your day just to see my face.

One of our fun evening activities is to watch Dad play guitar. You lie there and watch him, eyes wide as he sings over you. And now Dad can feed you too, since we finally figured out our pump. It gives me a break, and it gives Dad a chance to bond with you. But seriously, four ounces in ten minutes? No wonder you have rolls of fat around your wrists.

This month, we told everyone we are moving back to Kansas City in September. It twists my heart a bit to think you may never see the country you were born in, or the country you spent your first six months in. Will you ever meet Ming and Puu, who loved holding you and laughed over your bald head and white skin? I hope so. I hope this isn't the end of our travels. By the time you start making memories of your own, who knows what country we'll be in?

If you're like your mom and dad, you were born to wander.

Happy two months, son.

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