How Can I Make Journey Mercies Better For You? {2014 Reader Survey}

I want to hear from you!

My goal in writing Journey Mercies is to point you to Jesus and provide encouragement on whatever journey you're on in life. If you've never read the "why" behind the blog, check it out here! And I want to make this online space encouraging and useful to YOU.

To do that better, I'd love to hear from you - who you are, what you enjoy reading about {and don't enjoy}, and how I can write posts that meet you where you're at. I also want to develop a vision for where to take the blog based on where YOU as the reader want to go.

I wish I could sit down over coffee with each of you and listen to your heart - what you struggle with, what your successes have been, how God has spoken to you, and if Journey Mercies has been part of that.

Unfortunately, I live in Cambodia, so that's a bit impossible.

But I've designed a quick online survey and would be thrilled if you'd take ten minutes to speak up.

Ten questions. Ten minutes. That's all I ask.

Maybe you've been reading Journey Mercies for months but have never left a comment. Maybe you've only been a few times but already have suggestions that could help me improve things.

Wherever you're at, your opinion and voice matter to me.

I ask a few questions about who you are - age, gender, where you live, etc. But your answers on this survey will be kept confidential and not shared with anyone. I will share the results in a blog post later, but no identifying items will be used for individuals. 

The survey will be open til midnight Wednesday, April 16 - but why wait? Take it now!

If you'd like to send me any feedback, critiques, suggestions, etc. directly, you can do so over on my contact page here. And feel free to send me a tweet if that's your jam - I'm on twitter at @whitconard.

Click here to take the survey - thanks for your time!

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