Letters to Declan - One Month


Your first month of life has been one wild ride. You were almost born in the car, but managed to hold on til we made it to the delivery room. On your first day out of the hospital in Bangkok, we took you to the mall for the most adorable passport photos ever (thanks for being so obliging). You went through embassy visits, visa renewal, hospital check-ups, and shopping at the mall like a trooper during your first two weeks of life.

Adjusting to Cambodia was a bit more difficult. You decided you didn't want to go to sleep before midnight, and I cried a lot, at a complete loss as to what to do to make you happy. Fortunately, you have the most patient man on earth as your father, and Dad spent a lot of time rocking you, changing you, and singing to you, while I buried my head in the pillow and tried to sleep til the next feeding.

But the past few days, you've finally decided you like taking naps. You hold your head high, gazing out at the world with those luminous blue eyes that take in everything - including my heart. You eat like a champ, and bath time turns you into a yoga master of calm. You love being in the water.

I never imagined being your mother would be so joyful, so challenging, so beautiful, so time consuming, so breathtaking.

Happy one month, son.

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