Psalm 91:2 - God is My Refuge

Psalm 91:2 is a reminder to me that God alone is my place of safety.

What do you turn to when you feel fear or uncertainty? I often turn to a system or a ritual. When I felt anxious about becoming a mother, I made lists of books to read, baby gear to buy, tasks to conquer before he arrived. While preparing to move to Bangkok during a time of political unrest, I made contingency plans for what we could do if the unrest exploded into a full-out coup.

None of these things are bad, but the motivating factor behind them was fear, not trust. I feared the unknown and found external actions I could take that would make me feel more safe, more secure.

But then God reminded me who I really needed to trust: Him.

God alone is my refuge, my shelter, my protection. I can't completely protect myself from the unknown - or even the known, for that matter. But I can rest in the knowledge that God is good and only allows situations in my life that will make me more like Jesus and will bring him glory.

And trusting him means I don't have be driven by fear in my life. I can still plan and make lists. But my hope isn't in those things; it's in God and his control over my life.

It's human nature that we run to someone or something else besides the Lord when we feel fear. But I pray that this verse is a reminder who our shelter is.

What about you? What do you turn to in times of anxiety or uncertainty? How can we encourage each other to trust God in those moments?
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