February Goals {+ free goal planning printable}

Yesterday, I wrote about my month-long journey seeking vision for 2014 and writing out goals, guided by Lara Casey's Powersheets.

February is the month I'll start taking action on the areas of life I want to grow and mature in. I have my monthly tending sheet filled out, color-coded, and hanging up on my wall. What can I say - I love lists. I even made a color-coded Excel spreadsheet listing all the baby stuff I need to buy from which vendors at what prices, etc...But let's save that for another counseling session.

But first...a review.

Looking Back - Goals for January 2014 {original post here}:
  • Personal:
    • Finish clinic well - In December, the clinic team and I had made a list of things we wanted to accomplish before I stopped working, such as creating more patient forms to improve our patient care. We finished it all and celebrated my "retirement" last week. It was definitely bittersweet {read more about it here}.
    • Finish Powersheet planning & start my best year ever - Finished! Read this blog post about my journey using the Powersheets.
    • Finish Powersheets with Andrew - Andrew is still working on his, and I'm working on encouraging him, too. I definitely have a lot more free time and brain space than he does right now!
    • Study John together - wow, I think we studied together maybe twice this month. We really need to work on making that more of a priority! Many times, we'd say we'd do it on a certain day, but by the evening, we were wiped out, or other things came up. Consistency is definitely a struggle for us.
  • Family:
    • Buy stuff for baby - I did not buy a thing. BUT I did make a list! I made an online gift registry which many friends and family have given on, to give us some cash for the little guy {major thanks to everyone who's done that!}. But this weekend {Feb. 1}, Andrew and I actually went to some shops in town and bought a few small things. 
    • Finalize doula decision - We're hiring her! Mandy is a Christian, mom of 6, and blogger, and we are so excited to work with her. You can read more about her on her blog here.
  • Relationships:
    • Encourage one person a week online or in person - I found that having this as a goal helped me be more "in-tune" with people, and I really enjoyed looking for ways to encourage women in my life.
    • Have a women's fellowship nightI honestly didn't plan this, as one night it just happened that all the guys were out of town for prayer. So all the ladies came to my place, and we enjoyed talking and praying together.
  • Blogging:
    • Actually attend an Influence class - I attended a class on Instagram and a class on Really Speaking Life, which has inspired me and another blogger to host our first blog link-up this week - read about it here if you want to join up Feb. 5!
    • Write a post for the Overcome the Lie blog tour - Done! My first blog tour post ever, I wrote about the lie of identity outside of Jesus - read it here.
    • Tackle blog-to-do-list, one item a weekCheck. It may be small things you haven't noticed, but it's helped me!
  • Books: Finish what I started!
And now....

Goals for February 2014
{I've actually divided these up to match my 5 goals for 2014}
  • Marriage
    • Finish studying John with Andrew
    • Start using the Spouse Tending Sheets from Lara Casey - these were emailed to everyone who pre-ordered the Powersheets and attended her goal-setting webinar. They will help me think about ways to support, encourage, and help Andrew, as well as different ways to say, "I love you."
    • Submit all tax documents to our CPA before the baby comes - ok, this isn't that exciting, but very important for our marital harmony.
  • Family/Pregnancy
    • Make a birth plan with Andrew and our doula Mandy - I really want a natural childbirth {no inductions/augmentations, IVs, continuous monitoring, epidural, episiotomy, etc.} - pray for us!!!
    • Really start shopping for baby stuff - now that I have my Excel spreadsheet, I have no excuse.
    • Read Natural Hospital Birth: The Best of Both Worlds by Cynthia Gabriel - It's written by a doula, and I'm hoping it will be more of an in-the-middle birthing book than Ina May's, which is very home/birthing-center focused.
  • Relationships
    • Start using Encouragement Sheets from Powersheets set - just another way to help me focus on relationships in my life that need tending
    • Skype with our advocacy team at least twice this month
    • Continue reading Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands by Paul Tripp and hopefully finish it!
  • Nursing/cross-cultural: Since we're moving to Bangkok this weekend and won't return to Cambodia til mid-March, I'm putting this goal on hold for now.
  • Blog
    • Host my first blog link-up {Speak Life} with Danielle from This Life I Live on Feb. 5
    • Write a Travel Tips series - my parents have lots of questions about coming to visit, so I thought I might as well share the tips I've given them with my readers
    • Set up guest writers for March - Because the baby is coming around March 1, I'd like to blog less next month. But I still want to provide meaningful content here. I'm looking for 4-5 bloggers to write posts for Journey Mercies in March. So if you're a blogger who writes about faith, family/marriage, travel, and/or working overseas, contact me!
    • Read An Inspired Life by Katie from A Place to Dwell and participate in the book club - Katie wrote a book all about living creatively in every season of life. This book crosses over to a lot of different areas of my life, and I'm hoping my time off in Bangkok {before the baby comes} will allow me time to participate in the book club with other readers.
Whew! I think it's going to be a busy month for us, but I'm excited about the change and challenges coming our way. If you're making goals for February, too, please share with me! I love reading about what you're dreaming about this month. And, just because I love ya, here's a free goal planning printable to download for this month {you can also download a blank planning sheet here}. Enjoy, and go make February count!

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