39 Weeks - Or, What to Do In Bangkok While Waiting to Have a Baby

The finish line is finally in sight - 39 weeks, and only days left before baby boy will {hopefully} a make his appearance into this world.

I say "hopefully" because there's always the chance he could wait a little bit longer...but I really hope he doesn't!

We've been hanging out in Bangkok for over two weeks now, and it has honestly flown by. I was afraid we'd get bored just waiting around, but I forgot how fun Bangkok is and how easy it is to find something to do.

I've definitely had a lot more energy than I expected this late into my pregnancy - which is a good thing, because we're staying on the fourth flour of our host's townhouse. I definitely count those trips up three flights of stairs as part of my daily exercise! And we've been blessed with unexpectedly cool weather up until this week, which makes lugging around an extra 20 pounds on my frontside a little more bearable.

We've been getting our weekly check-ups at the hospital, and everything continues to look good - except the little guy has twisted himself into a pretzel - right transverse anterior, or something like that. The doctor gave me exercises to do to encourage him to move around. When I asked her what would happen if he didn't, she answered, "A very long labor!" Great. So much to look forward to.

Today I made a quick list of ten things to do in Bangkok while waiting to have a baby - just in case any of you decide that moving to Thailand to deliver your firstborn is a fabulous idea, too!

Yes, that is a lighthouse. Inside a mall {Terminal 21}. And they were having a book sale - be still, my heart...

1. Get your daily exercise walking through malls. They are everywhere, they are air-conditioned, and they are where everyone else hangs out, too. Two of my favorites are Terminal 21 for their international layout and quirky independent shops, and Mega Bangna, because they basically have everything, including Ikea.

2. Eat lots of fruit. Dragonfruit? Passion fruit? Mango? Pomelo? Rambutans and mangosteens? Just go crazy!

3. Catch up on Kindle reading. English books may be a bit expensive here, but thanks to my Paperwhite and the KC Library's e-book collection, I am one happy reader. {did you know you can check out Kindle books from your library? life-changing for expats like me!}

4. Sleep in. Do I seriously need to explain this one?

My favorite shake/coffee shop...

5. Drink veggie smoothies every day for 70 cents. From the "Parking Garage Food Stalls." Yup, seriously, we eat at least half our meals in a parking garage that has some of the cheapest, most delicious food around. Should I be afraid of "street" food? Maybe. But I like to live a little on the edge.

6. Go swimming. Our host's apartment complex has a swimming pool, which is amazing. I've been pretty disciplined up to this point in my pregnancy doing my prenatal yoga and cardio-toning DVDs, but now, I just do some laps and call it good.

7. Go to the Bangkok Farmers Market. It's held once a month at K Village on Sukhumvit Soi 26. There are vendors from all over the city selling Thai and Western food, baked goods, natural body products, organic produce, and handmade items. The abundance of free samples of brownies, juices, scones, bread, and cake will make you forget about the hot weather.

8. Ride the BTS sky train. Which will take you to malls, which helps you accomplish #1 on this list. Cheap entertainment. Also, when you're pregnant, everyone gives you their seat if the car is full, and you get to skip the lines and go through the "special gate", letting the security guard scan your card for you. And it's air conditioned. {are you picking up that A/C is very important to me?}

9. Go to a baby fair - even if it's risking your toenails and sanity, it will be a cultural experience.

10. Get a pedicure - especially if the aforementioned baby fair ruined your toenails. It's cheap, luxurious, and fun. Oh, and the salon has A/C. Double win for the pregnant lady. Not so much for the pedicurist {is that a word?} wearing three sweaters and a scarf.

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