37 Weeks: Baby Update in Bangkok

It's been a bit quiet around here this weekend, because we've been busy moving to Bangkok.

Looking down the BTS tracks into downtown Bangkok

Just to catch you up in case you haven't been around long, Andrew and I are expecting our first baby. Because medical care in Cambodia is subpar at best, most foreigners {including us} travel to Bangkok to deliver. Bangkok has international standard hospitals at very reasonable prices. It's also only four hours away from Poipet, which meant our trip up here Saturday morning by taxi was pretty fast.

Andrew is happy to be here, too. I'm happy about dirt-cheap, delicious street food and beet shakes for seventy-five cents. I've seriously had one every day so far. Yesterday it was beet-carrot-tomato-pineapple-apple. Who knew it could be so delicious?!

We have a wonderful Welsh-Irish family hosting us, who have been working in Thailand over 15 years. They live just down the street from several other friends, and we're familiar with the area. I really can't imagine moving to Bangkok if we weren't so comfortable here. But it's a bit like our home away from home, and moving here actually feels a lot less stressful than some of our days in Cambodia.

At the Thailand Best Buy Baby Fair

We've only been here three days but have managed to pack our days pretty full. Sunday, we attended a baby and kids fair at a convention center. It basically felt like a massive indoor shopping market that sold all baby items - crowded, chaotic, noisy, and overwhelming! And we discovered that baby gear really is cheaper in America than in Bangkok. For example, a Graco pack n' play that I've had my eye on is $80 on Amazon, but $200 here. Even some baby swaddle blankets I registered for were way overpriced - $21 for three on Amazon, but $25 for one at the expo. I feel grateful all over again for my parents bringing in lots of baby stuff for us in a few weeks!

I can't help but wondering if the mirror is included?

Yesterday, our doula gave us a crash course on labor and delivery, and our doctor gave us some good news - baby boy has dropped down and 'engaged', meaning he should hopefully be on his way in a few weeks. This also means my breathing has become significantly easier and I can eat more in one setting, because he's not shoved up under my ribs anymore. It's amazing what two centimeters of space can do for you!

I hit 37 weeks today!

The next few weeks, we have plenty to keep us busy. Our baby shopping list is still incomplete, and there's lots of logistical items we need to figure out before he comes - such as how to get a Thai birth certificate, his American passport, and his visas for Cambodia and Thailand, as well as renewing our visas when they expire in about 3 weeks.

And in case you're wondering about safety amidst the political protests here, it has honestly affected us 0%. We only saw protesters at one metro stop this weekend, and it looked more like a street party - huge television screens and stages set up, loads of food and souvenir stalls, and bands playing live music. If I hadn't known about the protests, I would have had no idea it was political!

The party protest stage at the Asoke-Sukhumvit intersection

Later in the month, you may also be seeing some new faces pop up. I have some amazing blogging friends who have offered to write guest posts for Journey Mercies once baby arrives so I can focus on learning to be a mom, but still offer you encouraging, inspiring content. But don't worry, I'll still be posting photos of the little one - I don't think our families would allow us NOT to.

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