Psalm 9:10 - God Doesn't Abandon Those Who Trust Him

So, I'm trying to learn Photoshop...bear with me. :)

I love this verse.

For starters, it obviously showcases the word trust, which is my word for 2014.

It's a statement of faith and fact: God doesn't abandon those who trust in him.

And it speaks of a history of seeing God save - once you search for God and find him, you know he will never abandon you. He is your Savior.

And even while we are searching for God, he is present. He is walking with us through uncertainty, challenges, and growth. He won't forsake us in the middle of difficulties; that's where he meets us.

I pray this weekend, we would know God's presence and know that he can be trusted completely. He will never abandon us and leave us stranded to our own devices. He will always save, always love, always strengthen.
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