Tuesday Tunes: Sufjan Stevens' Songs for Christmas

It's December! Which, of course, means that Tuesday Tunes has to be about Christmas music. I was scrolling through my Christmas playlist on iTunes, and as I saw different albums flash by, I felt surprised at how many different memories came back just reading the titles.

sufjan stevens christmas album music

One of my all-time favorite Christmas music collections is Sufjan Stevens' five-volume Songs for Christmas collection, released in 2006. The five CDs came in a box with a sticker set of drawings and a long pamphlet detailing Christmas stories and traditions from Sufjan's family. Sufjan recorded Christmas albums every year, and the songs definitely have that gather-round-the-fire feeling - simple electric guitar, plenty of banjo and mandolin, and Sufjan's soft voice crooning everything from "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" and "I Saw Three Ships" to "Get Behind Me, Santa!" and "Did I Make You Cry on Christmas Day?". My love for this album even extended to our wedding day, when I asked the musicians to play "Holy, Holy, Holy" in the style of Sufjan. Yeah, that isn't traditionally a Christmas-time song, but he includes some great hymns on his albums that somehow feel Advent-appropriate.

Playing these albums helps me feel like Christmas is coming in a very unique way...

Any other Sufjan Stevens Christmas music lovers out there? What are some of your favorite Christmas tunes to spin this time of year?
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