Psalm 68:19 - He Daily Bears Our Burdens

Psalm 68:19 - Praise God, who daily bears our burdens. Scripture graphic from Journey Mercies.

What are your burdens?

Most of the time when I write these weekly thoughts on Scripture, I write them because I need to remind myself of the truth. And this week, Psalm 68:19 has been on constant replay in my mind.

The burdens I try to carry myself are probably common to many of you - the daily work load of home and career, balancing relationships, seeking to love those around us well, and feeling the load of the worries and concerns of others. I often try to carry things that should be left to God alone, too - like my reputation, my sinfulness, my ability to follow God, and the process of becoming more like Christ. Those are all areas that I need the Holy Spirit to work on. But many times, I think it's up to me to complete the work that Jesus started in me, instead of recognizing that He is the finisher of that work.

But the writer of Psalms reminds us that every day, God is carrying our life burdens. His care and concern for us didn't end at the cross - He continues to walk alongside us, longing to lift up the loads that we often put on our own backs.

Why do we try to carry it all on our own? I often feel like I need to control everything - if I trust God for the results instead of my own effort, I don't know what the outcome will be. It's so easy for us to think that it all depends on us - if we don't do everything just right, the outcome will be disastrous. Maybe we don't think God cares about the small daily cares that build up on our minds. Why would God care enough about our daily routine, about how we feed our kids, or the separation we feel from our spouses at times? Instead of turning to the Lord and seeing His great love for us, we bury those cares deep in our hearts, allowing them to grow heavy inside us.

But the cross proved one thing - if God would give up His Son as a sacrifice for us all, why would he hesitate to provide everything else for us {Romans 8:32}? Other versions of Psalm 68:19 interpret this concept beautifully. The English Standard version says the Lord "daily bears us up; God is our salvation." We are not our own saviors; there's not a therapy model or organizational system or blog that will fix our problems and let us breathe freely. God alone can provide salvation and lift the burdens of perfectionism, busyness, and sin that clutter our lives.

The New Living Translation says that "each day he carries us in his arms." I love that beautiful picture of God carrying us through the difficulties of daily life. I know I can be completely unaware of his presence at times, but when I look back on my life, I see clearly that God was carrying me through it all.

Like we read about last week in Matthew 11, Jesus is calling for us to come to him for rest. We don't have to carry the burdens of broken relationships, sinful habits, and our own reputations. God wants to carry our burdens for us.

How do we actually do this? God knows I need to be reminded of this every day! It means daily surrender to God - recognizing who is the true King in our lives. We must soak our minds in the truth of the Gospel - that we were incapable of making ourselves right and needed a Savior - someone to carry the burden of sin for us all the way to the cross. Praying for humility will lead us to repentance, as we recognize that it's our pride that keeps us from surrendering completely to the Lord. And at moments when I feel like I'm losing control - of myself, my emotions, or a situation - I must remember who is really in control of my life. It's not me; it's God. And feeling him lift the burdens off our shoulders will free us to praise Him like He deserves.

What burdens do you need the Lord to lift off you today?
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