Tuesday Tunes - The Haunted Windchimes

Quick update: Andrew is flying back to Cambodia tonight and should be back in Poipet tomorrow! I'm excited to have him home, and hopefully he will get to tell you himself about his work in the Philippines. Please pray for safety and healing for a rash and stomach problems he picked up on the island. Thanks!

The Haunted Windchimes at the Walnut Valley Bluegrass Festival

I really like bluegrass. Nickel Creek was my introduction to it, as I'm sure it was for many high school students ten years ago not used to hearing banjos and mandolins played in such a passionate, creative way. During our home leave this fall, we went to the Walnut Valley Bluegrass Festival in Winfield, the mecca of bluegrass lovers worldwide. And we heard what may be my new favorite bluegrass band - The Haunted Windchimes, a 5-piece act from Colorado. I fell in love with their creative harmonies, cheek-in-tongue lyrics, and raw honesty in the slower moments of songs.

So, I hope you like bluegrass, and I hope you enjoy the Haunted Windchimes, too.

Happy Tuesday!
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