Tuesday Tunes - Cardiphonia

Quick note - I will post updates on Andrew & the relief work as I get information from him every few days. As you can imagine, he's pretty busy with working, but I promise to pass on whatever he sends my way! ~ Whitney

One of my favorite recent music discoveries has been Cardiphonia, a "liturgy fellowship community."

Cardiphonia isn't one artist, but a collection of musicians dedicated to writing and composing music for the Church. They periodically release albums of retuned hymns and Scripture set to music, in a wide variety of styles. Our worship and arts pastor from our home church, Redeemer Fellowship in Kansas City, contributed a song for their album Hallel Psalms, a collection of psalms set to music. They've also written albums around liturgical themes, such as the Day of Pentecost, Communion, and Hymns of Faith.

The reason I love Cardiphonia's work is their commitment to creativity, Scripture, and deep theology that is expressed through their music. As every song is written by a different artist, the albums are never monotonous or boring, and I find the lyrics playing repeatedly in my head, helping me to meditate on truth and its application in my life. I've heard it said that good worship should teach us theology - about God, life, and how it all meshes together.

I grew up with contemporary Christian music and Hillsong-esque worship in church, and I'm thankful for the way those musical styles kept me attracted to Christian music. But now I feel like I'm in a place in life where I want music with a bit of meat to it - music that brings peace, inspiration, and gentle correction. And very little word repetition. Hymns are great for that. Their albums are also a great way to discover independent musicians and seriously, their albums are $1 each on Bandcamp. No excuse to not try them out!

Check out this video of one of the songs off the Hallel Psalms album (I know, random photo of baby included...but the song is great!)

Happy Tuesday!
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