Tuesday Tunes - 8tracks

I've decided to change things up a bit around here! Lately I've discovered a lot of music that has soothed my soul, made me happy, and brightened up my day. Sometimes I just stumble upon artists, fall in love, and excitedly tell my friends on Skype, Have you heard this band?! "Oh yeah, we've been listening to them for months." I guess living overseas might put me a bit behind the trends...

But just in case you haven't heard of the groups I've been cleaning rockin' to, I'll put up a new song every Tuesday to cheer up your ears. For this week, I want y'all to know about the expat's alternative to Pandora: 8tracks. If you didn't know, Pandora can't be accessed outside the United States, much to the sorrow of everyone who loves music who doesn't live in America. But while we were in Japan, the managers at our lodge played the most eclectic mix of music from their iPod, all streamed off the 8tracks website, ad-free.

8tracks is a treasure chest of curated playlists, posted by people from all over the world. You can search under any tag and find music to fit your mood - happy + dance + indie, or study + chill + house music, or christian + indie + folk. And if you get inspired, you can post your own playlist using music you own. Plus, they have an app you can use to play music off your phone (which I am thrilled to do, since I finally got a new phone for the first time in 4 years!).

Although I haven't managed to put together any of my own playlists, you can check out the mixes I keep going back to, here on my 8tracks profile. 

So go, explore, try new music, find your new favorite indie+folk+latin+dubstep band, and dance away...

But before you do, what's your favorite way to discover new music?
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p.s. FYI I just said all these nice things about 8tracks because I think they are super cool. I wish they paid me, but they didn't.