Sweet Saturday

Sunset over Bantayan Island, the Philippines

Happy weekend!

Since Wednesday's post was a heavy-hitter, I thought I'd leave you with some writings by others for your weekend. I hope these few days are restful and restorative - that you find your hope in God, and he gives you vision for the coming week.

  • "What My Mother Taught Me" by Shauna Niequist - a beautiful tribute to a mother who pursued her dreams and inspired her daughter
  • "Use Your Influence" by Lara Casey - a challenge to use the influence you have in the lives of people around you to make a difference; whether it's five people or five thousand - your life counts!
  • "Don't Tell Me Your Kids' Sins" on the Gospel Coalition Blog - ok, so my baby is still rollin' around inside me, but as a blogger/writer/tell-all-personality, this was a message I need to hear even now when I'm tempted to talk about the sins of others.
  • "Let's Talk About Your Sins and Your Kid's Sins" by Jami Nato - response post to the Gospel Coalition blog post - another perspective on the same issue. Good food for thought and insightful comments, too. Take some time to read them.

What are you up to this weekend?

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