Amber & Samuel

November is National Adoption Month, and to celebrate, I want to tell the story of Amber and Samuel. Amber is an inspiring, strong woman whose deep passion for God and faith in Jesus has led her to tackle some huge challenges in life, and to see God's hand work out miracles for her. I was lucky enough to live with her when I moved back from Sudan, and I'm so thankful for this "older sister" in Christ who challenged me, cared for me, and showed me how all things are possible with God.

Amber & I...many moons ago...

Amber has embarked on another journey when she saw this little boy and knew God was giving her an answer to the desire to adopt that had been on her heart for a long, long time.

Samuel is five years old and has no family to care for him. He lives in an orphanage in China and is deaf - a handicap that would seem to present many obstacles to adoption and moving to the United States. But God has done so many things that have opened the door to Samuel joining Amber and becoming part of a family.

When I was back home in the States this fall, I had lots of time to catch up with Amber on the phone {she lives in Kentucky - so sad it was too far away for a visit} and hear story after story of God's leading and provision. Amber saw Samuel's face on a list of children needing adoption and heard God saying to her spirit, This is your son! When she considered the difficulty of adopting a deaf boy and taking care of his needs, she discovered that a special school for the deaf was located two miles from her house and, if approved, all of Samuel's school fees would be covered. When she prayed for the funds to start the adoption process, God provided, money literally falling into her lap out of a book. 

The adoption process has been expedited so many times for unknown reasons, paperwork being completed and approval given much quicker than the average adoption. Amber heard that Samuel's best friend in the orphanage had been adopted by a family in the States - then discovered that the family lived only 3 hours from her, which meant Samuel would be able to see his friend and have a familiar face to help him adjust to his new life.

Samuel in the middle, celebrating his 5th birthday - too cute, right?!

It's amazing to hear her story of faith and all that God is teaching her through her journey to adopt Samuel. Amber blogs regularly at A Good and Perfect Gift, and I encourage you to head over there and read her story.

If you're interested in supporting Amber's adoption, she has several friends who are raising money for the adoption fees, through Scentsy, fondue, and fashion - sounds like a good combination, right? Her website has a list on the right of ways to support her financially. Amber still has over $23,000 to raise for her adoption costs, and she is praying that Samuel will be able to join her in the States within the year. Please pray for Amber, as she prepares to welcome Samuel into her home and works through the seemingly endless paperwork of the adoption process.

Do you have any adoption stories to share this month?
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