25 Weeks: It's a.... {Gender Reveal!}

This past weekend, I traveled to Bangkok for some doctor's visits, coffee with friends, and my second trimester ultrasound - which, of course, revealed the baby's gender!!! Since I literally get asked this about six times a day by Cambodians, I'm relieved to finally have an answer! {and obvs, to know myself what we're having...}

Amazingly, Andrew was in a spot with internet access in the Philippines, and I skyped him from my phone while the doctor was doing the ultrasound. It was so great to have him {sorta} there and share the moment together. And trust me, when the doctor popped the photo up on the widescreen television on the wall, there was definitely no mistaking this little bean is a boy...{sorry, I felt weird posting photos of the evidence for the whole world wide web to see...I'm sure you know what I mean...}

Everything else on the ultrasound checked out healthy, as well as my blood tests and exam. I'm so, so thankful for an uneventful pregnancy so far. One of my friends keeps telling me I'm in the "cheery" stage of second trimester (in between "weary" and "dreary"), so I'd better enjoy feeling good while I can. Gee, thanks for giving me something to look forward to...

Andrew managed to snap some photos last night, and I didn't realize I looked so big. Please, don't post on here and tell me how little I look, because I can't believe how big my belly is already.

I know, awful photo quality...this is what you get when you wait til after dark to take photos under the minimal lighting available in your house....but you get the bump point!

Now that we know it's a boy, it suddenly hits me that this is a little person growing inside me. I can picture his eyes and hair and hear myself saying, Yes, I have a son. I think becoming a mother is becoming more real to me, you know? As Andrew pointed out today, we have about 100 days to go til D-Day {due-date}, so hopefully I will get more used the idea in the next three months!
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