23 Weeks

I'm getting to the point where I lose track of how many weeks I've been pregnant. Twenty? Twenty-three? I find it astounding that this baby has been with me for nearly half a year already. Maybe the forgetfulness of pregnancy is setting in, although it's impossible to forget I'm pregnant. I can't see past my stomach when I look down at my feet, and my tolerance for bread and cheese has shrunk to nil. Somehow, eating spicy Thai food makes me happy, but a greasy cheese pizza can leave me moaning for hours and rolling around like a swollen balloon.

Thankfully, cheese pizza is about the only thing I've had to give up so far. The only life adjustments I've had to make are bigger clothes, a body pillow, and extra vitamins. Pregnancy seems like a breeze compared to all the adjustments drastic changes I'll have make in the future when the life being nurtured inside me goes walking around outside my heart.

I've started wondering if we should look at buying things for the baby - actually preparing for the little bean's arrival. I try thinking about what a baby needs, feel overwhelmed, and decide to put it off til next month. This weekend, Andrew and I talked about moving the office furniture into the living room to convert the office into a nursery. Surely we have a lot of time before we have to worry about actually changing our house for this baby, I said - then realized we only have about three months before we'll move to Bangkok to wait out his/her world debut.

Along with my expanding belly, I have a growing awareness of the changing seasons in my life. Regardless of what happens to this child in the future, I am becoming a mother. The season of life without children is drawing close, and a whole new world of possibilities - both frightening and exciting - are opening to us. Life will alter in a million ways, and we will change with it.

Lord willing, in about seventeen weeks, we'll meet this small creature who is changing everything.

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