Jesus Makes It Enough

Andrew and I are taking a few days off in Siem Reap after a crazy weekend of relief work and almost-as-crazy family day with the SP staff (more on that tomorrow). His grandfather passed away last week, and we wish with all our hearts we could fly back to the States for the funeral. But we took advantage of bereavement leave so we could Skype with family into the morning and late at night without worrying about rushing to work or the electricity going off or any of the 10,000 other distractions Poipet offers. We are beyond blessed that this break is an option for us (even if Andrew still has to work on reports for work in the afternoons).

This morning, I spent time soaking in the Word and read a familiar story in Matthew 15: Jesus feeds over 4,000 people. After spending days healing their sick, lame, and blind, he sees they have no food and asks his disciples to feed them. As if healing them weren't evidence enough, Jesus says, "I have compassion for these people" (v. 32). The disciples tell him they only have seven loaves of bread and a few small fish. Yet Jesus takes that and multiplies it by the thousands, creating enough to leave every person satisfied.

Jesus took what little the disciples had and multiplied it to abundance. 

Jesus takes what little we have and makes it enough.

So often, I feel like I don't have enough. Enough time, energy, language skills, patience, cultural understanding, love. Seriously, God? I ask. You want me to do that? I don't have what it takes. I don't have enough for even myself.

If the disciples had kept the food for themselves, it wouldn't have been sufficient to feed even them. Yet given to Jesus, he created an abundance.

I need this truth - that my life, when given to Jesus, becomes enough - for me, for those around me, for whatever purpose God has in mind. He makes it abundant.
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