It Won't Stop Raining...

After a fun few nights in Siem Reap (including dinner out at a Japanese restaurant to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary!), we headed back to Poipet with several of the SP staff on a private bus. Normally it only takes 2 hours, but...Cambodians like to stop a lot during trips. As in, we stopped four times in the first 90 minutes, for toilet breaks, drink shops, and a roadside stand selling deep fried snakes, frogs, and birds.

Then the staff decided to stop for lunch about a half hour away from Poipet. Combined with incredibly bad road conditions due to the rains, we didn't get back home very quickly. But it was a quick reminder that we need to slow down our pace and change our expectations from American speed back to Khmer speed.

Along the way, we saw massive flooding in the areas surrounding us. At one point, it looked like we were driving past the ocean - water as far as you could see.

But even this didn't prepare us for the flooding that would happen over the weekend in our own front yard. Over the course of a few days, our house went from relatively dry to being surrounded by knee-deep water. It rained heavily on and off, and with nowhere to go, the water just sat there. Apparently a typhoon hitting China can affect even Cambodia.

Saturday night...

Sunday morning

On our way to church - nearly knee-deep water

The street outside our house

I feel incredibly lucky that we live on the 2nd floor, that we have a sturdy truck to get around in, and that we don't have to worry about our belongings floating away or getting sick because our toilet is flooded and we don't have clean water. There are a lot of families in Poipet who are losing everything in the floods. Part of the reason it's so bad is that we are on the border with Thailand. When Thailand's reservoirs fill up with stormwater, they have to open the reservoirs, and a lot of the water drains straight into Poipet - a city with basically no capacity for dealing with flood waters. Even before this weekend's storms, the slum areas in the city were flooded with chest-depth water.

So pray that the rain stops!
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