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Last sunrise in KC
(Andrew has instagram now! Except I have no idea how to link to his profile...just search him.)

We left KC nearly a week ago, although that doesn't seem physically possible. Where has the last week gone?

Andrew & I at KC airport last Friday morning. Very early.
(p.s. my mom learned how to instagram too. isn't she cool?)

Our flights back were really, really long, but they always are. As long as there are no delays/cancellations/missing bags, I consider it a good trip. I also find it a bit shocking that we can survive 14 hours straight in a plane and not go bat-crazy.

Napping during our layover in Seoul, S. Korea

After a night in Siem Reap, we went to Poipet for a few days to unpack our bags and try to readjust to Cambodian living. Then Tuesday night, Andrew and I both ended up sick with a gastro bug picked up from who-knows-where. Jet lag + vomiting/diarrhea = worst combo ever. The next day around 8:30 a.m., the power went off - and we found out it would be off for the entire day. (The neighborhood temple apparently has a generator, because the monks continued chanting and making speeches throughout the day on a mic we could hear from over a kilometer away). Luckily we were already planning to leave Poipet for two nights, as Andrew had meetings for work. But the morning was...unpleasant, to say the least.

It was definitely a welcome-back-to-Cambodia day. In America, it's so easy to be comfortable and to forget how 95% of the world lives. And when I was lying in bed nauseous, overheated from a lack of air movement in 80% humidity, listening to monks yelling about temple donations, I found myself whining, I can't do this for another year! I just want to go back home and eat ice cream and listen to nice Christian music and feel good about myself! Classic missionary attitude, right?

So I prayed. A lot. And repented of being selfish and only looking at my own comfort, instead of the Comforter, Christ. For doubting that he was strong enough to take care of me and give me his own strength and joy. I wish I could have said with the psalmist that God's praises are always on my tongue, that I praise him in all times (Ps. 34), but I'm still learning how to do that in difficult moments.

But God is gracious and forgiving, and he got us through that momentary trial. The nausea went away, the power came back on (at least I hope it did - we aren't in Poipet right now, but we have electricity in Siem Reap!), and my outlook improved - maybe because God moved my eyes from my own issues back to him.

I think this week is a reminder that none of us can obey God's calling on our own strength. I am far too weak, too complaining, too small. Only God is big enough to accomplish in me what he wants the world to see.

And if all else fails, take a nap Cambodia-style...
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