After the Flood

Today, Andrew jumped in and shared about the flood relief he and the Samaritan's Purse staff distributed this weekend. It's amazing what the team can accomplish when they work together!

This weekend we spent two days giving food, water and household supplies for over 1,500 families. I really was impressed by the extra effort my staff gave, working till midnight preparing packages and then up before dawn the next day to take them to the villages. 

Staff preparing bags of rice and household supplies

Loading the trucks with supplies the night before distribution

This year we had higher than average flooding in 20 provinces in Cambodia. As you can see from earlier posts, Poipet was knee-deep in flood water for several days. It has dried out in the city now but there are still some villages with water up into their houses. The costliest damage isn't so much homes but livelihoods. 

If flooding lasts for more than a couple weeks then the farmers will lose their crops for the years as more are subsistence farmers whose yearly income depends on that single seasonal crop.

Distribution packages set up & waiting for villagers.

I feel really privileged to help these people and look forward to following up with them on days to come.

"Yiyei" (grandmas) greeting us 

Each distribution opened with a ceremony, which included a song by SP staff
Speaking to villagers & sharing the story of the Good Samaritan

Helping even the least of these

"Akun!" (thank you)

Keeping everything organized by village helped the people get their supplies and head home in a short time.

And the transportation home - people would load everything up, including themselves, on the cart and drive back to their villages. I don't even know if a word exists in English for these contraptions!