First Week Back

As you can imagine, our first week back in Kansas City has been super amazing and super busy. Andrew was on the golf course with my dad within 24 hours of landing back in the States, followed by dinners and picnics with all sides of the family. We've been busy calling friends up, catching up over coffee and delicious KC grub, and even getting to a Royals baseball game - something we really missed out on last year. We also went back to our church, Redeemer Fellowship, and it felt like heaven to sit in an English, listening to familiar songs and a sermon in our mother tongue and just feeling like we were back home.

  Playing foosball with my siblings

Andrew's family - our first time all together in the same photo!

My family

@ the K for a baseball game

It's so strange that being back in KC can feel so normal and comfortable, when it's so different from what we've been used to this past year. Some thing still surprise and startle me - like automatic flushing toilets (gets me every time...), self-serve soda fountains (seriously, you serve yourself AND you can go back for free seconds?!? Asia definitely doesn't have that!), and clean, smooth roads. As someone who never drives a car back in Cambodia, I can tell you I am lovin' driving in KC.

Oh Chipotle, how I missed thee...

Home leave is always a balance between trying to see everyone and do everything you've missed over the past year, and finding times of rest and quiet to reflect back on what's happened and to pray over what will be next. Hopefully we will find that balance and see ourselves, at the end of the month, refreshed and excited for another year in Cambodia.
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