2 Weeks

It's hard to believe we've been back for two weeks already, and have two weeks left in America. I think every day has been jam-packed full of seeing friends, going to our favorite spots, and gorging ourselves on delicious food. This has been our first home leave during which I haven't had to do any school (in previous years, I was working on my bachelor's in nursing). I honestly have no idea how I managed to see everyone and do so much and still keep up with studying. Chalk it up to the grace of God!

And for the record, I managed to squeeze in some bump photos. I just realized I haven't posted any on here because it was so secret for so long. So here are a few very minimal bump photos...

6 weeks

10 weeks

15 weeks

Wow, can you tell I like wearing purple?

I seriously feel like my bump has doubled in size since we landed in KC. Andrew says the baby likes American food. Or maybe it's just me. Whatevs.

Just a few more shots of our favorite activities so far this month...

lots of dinners with the family

grilling outside

ku football game
(ok, this was not one of my favorite activities, as i did not attend. somehow i missed out on the gene my mother has that comprehends and enjoys football. but andrew loved it.)

kansas city zoo. these meerkats touched my heart, standing in the window looking outside, then at each other. blame it on preggy hormones.

Although Kansas City has been wonderful, I am really looking forward to spending next week with my family. I managed to make a quick trip home last week for a few nights, letting my mom spoil me with new clothes and homemade pizza, watching our favorite TV series with my siblings, and getting slobbered on by Darcy (the dog, not another sibling).

Home leave is always a bit of a balancing act - spending time with friends vs. family, finding time to be still and reflect and listen to God vs. spending all your time in activities and with people. I'm really thankful for days like this when there's nothing planned on the calendar, everyone else is sleeping in, and I can just stop and breathe for a moment. At the same time, I feel so energized and encouraged by the time spent with friends, catching up on a year's worth of life stories (so please don't hesitate to email me if you still want to hang out :). It's refreshing to be around people who really know me, who understand where I've come from, and with whom I can be completely honest about my heart, struggles, and desires. 

So with two weeks left, here are a few of our must-do-activities:

-bluegrass festival in Winfield with my grandparents
-a 2-mile "fun run" on the Plaza
-eye exams (oh yes, so exciting)
-snow cones from little freshie (been having serious cravings lately)
-food trucks (don't care where or what, i just want to eat off a food truck)
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