Be Filled

This past weekend, I spent a lot of time staring at this...

Rather unexciting photo, right? This is the arrivals hall at Siem Reap Airport. This past week, Samaritan's Purse held a ministry conference for Eurasia staff in Siem Reap. I volunteered to help out with the conference, and one of my duties was picking up all the participants flying into the airport. I have to admit, it definitely brought out the extrovert in me. Meet tons of strangers from different countries, welcoming them to Cambodia? Yes!!!!!! This year we had SP and OCC {Operation Christmas Child} staff from Cambodia, Vietnam, Mongolia, Lithuania, Nepal, India, Pakistan, the USA, and Mexico - and that's just the countries they work in, not the staff's countries of origin.

The conference theme was be filled, and each speaker taught intentionally towards encouraging us to be filled with and directed by the Holy Spirit in our personal lives and work, to set apart daily time for the Lord, and to trust God in the storms of life. There was plenty of time for rest and reflection, as well as developing new friendships with the different people attending. And the venue didn't hurt either.

You might remember our trip to Manila, the Philippines last year about this time for our first ministry conference.  Because this year's conference was in Cambodia, it honestly felt so much more relaxing. Although I love traveling new places, we leave for America tonight from Siem Reap. That's enough traveling for one trip. Being in Siem Reap, which we have visited countless times before, meant we didn't feel compelled to rush out and see all the sights. We could linger over meals, talking with people; take prolonged naps in the afternoons off; and just generally enjoy ourselves without any agenda. 

Oh, did I mention that an awesome band from the Philippines played worship for us - joined by an even more awesome special guest guitarist who rocked? Can you pick him out?

Today I've been sending people off to the airport, saying goodbye to those I picked up just a few days ago. And in about 5 hours, we'll head to the airport ourselves for our flight back to Kansas City, via Seoul and Atlanta. Andrew finished up his final reports and turned in his laptop to his boss so he wouldn't be tempted to work during our month-long home leave. We are really looking forward to being home in a few days!
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