Ant Angst

It's been a pretty quiet week here. Andrew is back in the office, orienting some new staff, preparing budgets for next year, and basically keeping it all going as one well-oiled machine. I've been playing the housewife, cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, etc. Yup, my life is pretty glamorous right now. Except for these little buggers....

They look so small and innocent, right? Just ants scurrying here and there. But for the past few months, our house has been absolutely infested with them. Any food left out for more than 10 minutes is instantly covered in hordes of ants. I've found them crawling out of my laptop keyboard, into my purse, inside the backs of picture frames, into the top of our water bottles. And despite frenzied cleaning, they just don't go away. The most annoying part is finding them crawling on my body. There's this tickling sensation on the back of my leg or on my shoulder while washing dishes or cooking, and I find ants slowly marching across my skin. 

I know I can find ant poison at the local shop, but I'm loathe to use chemicals around here when the labels are all in Thai and I'm not sure how toxic they are. And because our house's windows are completely unsealed (the screens don't even fit in the frames right because the windows aren't perfect squares), there's no way to keep them out of the house for good.

Luckily for our food cabinet, there is an invention we call "ant feet" - small dishes filled with water that you put under the cabinet's feet to keep ants out. You have to fill them up every so often as the water evaporates, but without them, we wouldn't be able to keep any food longer than a day without it being devoured by ants.

So I complain, but I deal with it. I can think of countless things that would be much worse to have in our house, like mice or snakes or cockroaches. Ants are annoying but harmless. I'm no longer bothered by a few ants floating in my water glass.

But if anyone has some proven natural ways of scaring ants away, please, please share!
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