Too Much Bangkok

I've been a bit absent over the past few weeks because we have been traveling, a lot. Two weeks ago, it started with a three-day trip to Bangkok for a friend's wedding. Andrew was able to take off a few days, and we enjoyed the city - seeing Man of Steel, eating way too much Indian curry (yes, we go for Indian food in Thailand), and attending an English service at the local international church. And of course, attending our first Thai-American wedding.

It was actually way more Western than any wedding I've been to in the past year! The groom is a guy I met over 10 years ago on my first trip to Thailand. It's pretty amazing that we've stayed in touch for so long and that we were able to celebrate his marriage with his new bride.

I had also scheduled a dental appointment while I was there. For those of you who don't know, I actually got braces put on last year. In Bangkok, they're about half the price as the States, and I didn't mind an excuse to go to Bangkok every few months. But unfortunately, the dentist couldn't make the appointment, and I had to reschedule for the following weekend.

I was annoyed that I had to travel to Thailand again so soon, and by myself. Andrew's Cambodian visa needed to be renewed, so he couldn't use his passport for another trip. We returned to Poipet on Monday, and I went back to Bangkok the following Friday afternoon. But while I was there, I got an email from family back in Kansas, saying that Andrew's grandfather had had an accident and was hospitalized in Bangkok (check out this post for an introduction to Grandpa and why he lives in Thailand). I called his stepson's wife and arranged for a time to visit him in the hospital. Despite having a skull fracture and a brain bleed, he was still kickin'.

God always has a plan, right? If my dentist hadn't missed the appointment, I wouldn't have been in Bangkok when Grandpa was. I don't believe in coincidences; I believe God orchestrates the details of my life, even regarding small things. Over the weekend as a whole, I was feeling a bit stressed over traveling by myself, trying to find the hospital, etc. I am a huge worrier/planner/control freak, and I can give myself some serious heart palpitation when I'm stressed out. But slowly, God is peeling my clenched hands off the steering wheel of life and telling me, Relax, I can handle it and I can take care of you! Last weekend was a lesson that God does see me, he is near me, and he loves me.

And it's the same truth for you, too.
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