Kratie Day 2

Our second day in Kratie was taken up mostly with a long drive out to the village. We spent over an hour driving through the forests, finally ending up at a river. We walked over a bridge, then found a group of men sitting around smoking cigarettes at an outdoor drink shop. They gladly lent us their motos for a couple of bucks, and we drove another 10 minutes to the village.

The drive out to the village was great, and we were completely off the grid - no cell phone reception, no electricity, no running water.

Andrew driving us out to the village

The village was very quiet - a lot of kids hanging around, but very few adults. We were told many of the adults travel out for day laboring jobs in the forests and surrounding rubber plantations, leaving the children at home. We found a few pumps, which Andrew was happy to try out, to the delight of the villagers.

The village "sidewalk"

The next day, we left around 7 am and drove all the way back to Poipet on the other side of the country. We saw a few interesting sights along the way, as always. Below is a classic example of how pigs are transported to the market in Cambodia.

And this is a classic example of how people are transported! 

It was a great trip, but overall, a lot of time in the car. I've been downloading some audiobooks from Audible, and we enjoyed listening to One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp and A History of The World in 6 Glasses by Tom Standage. It's nice to be back in Poipet {for a little bit, at least!} before we head out again in a few weeks. The past few weeks, it's been over 100 every day, so we're just trying to stay cool. Hello, hot season!
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