Here, There, and Everywhere

We've been traveling for the past two weeks, and I am so relieved to be back home in Poipet. Last week, we spent a few days in Andrew's other project site. It's a great place to chill out (for me, at least - Andrew works!) as there's really not a lot else to do. Running in the evenings is a joy, because the traffic is so sparse and laid back, with very little dust or exhaust fumes that we normally battle back home.

An old building we always run past that is just lovely in the evening

Andrew with the jumping fish with lights in its mouth, in front of our regular hotel

After a few days in the country, we drove to Phnom Penh, the capital. Andrew had a string of meetings the rest of the week and the beginning of the following week. This meant we had a rare full weekend in  Phnom Penh. I also realized I rarely take photos of the city when we're there. Phnom Penh is so different from Poipet - sometimes I doubt they are part of the same country! 

Random cool rounded-corner building

Narrow city streets

A must for navigating the insane city streets!

Yup, on the right, that's a guy sitting on a fridge on the back of a moto. Classic.

Whenever we go to Phnom Penh, we eat like crazy - the Western food is cheap and plentiful, thanks to the 20,000 expats {foreigners} that live in the city and can't live on rice alone. Our favorite restaurant on this trip was Taqueria Corona, a Tex-Mex restaurant. I nearly cried when I had my first burrito - it was like eating a piece of heaven. We ate there three times in the space of a week - the best Mexican food in Southeast Asia, in my opinion!

But we didn't just eat, I promise. Andrew had meetings with SP, and I caught up with several friends who live in the capital. Because we live 8 hours away, it's always a treat to see our friends there! It's actually crazy that we see them as often as we do - it would be like driving to Chicago to see friends every month from Kansas City! 

I can't blog without writing about, in his words, "Best day of my life ever." {when I reminded him of our wedding day, our arrival in Cambodia, and many other significant days, he quickly corrected - best day ever in a while!} On our free Saturday in town, Andrew found a driving range in the northern part of the city. On the way, we stopped by a Japanese thrift store {which abound in Phnom Penh}, and Andrew actually found some golf clubs for incredibly cheap.

After this, we headed out to the golf course {which was stressful in itself, trying to follow roads which have no names on the map or known landmarks to a place we've never been through a neighborhood we've never seen before!} and Andrew hit the golfballs to his heart's content. And I was perfectly happy to watch him, enjoying the expanse of green grass and a Jodi Picoult book.

We also played tour guide to some friends visiting from Mongolia {of all places!}, but to avoid making a post too photo-heavy, that story will follow soon...
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