Get Your Kicks...

*Update: I just read a disturbing article that reported 43 people died over the 4 days of the Lunar New Year - twice as many as last year's holiday in Cambodia. Although these photos are somewhat unbelievable, the truth is that many Cambodians risk their lives using transportation like this because it's cheap and they don't have any other option.

...on Route 66", goes the classic American song. We get our kicks crossing Cambodia on National Road 5, along with moments of sheer terror, anxiety, and heart palpitations. I've said it before, and after driving to and from Phnom Penh this week with countless near-death experiences, I'll say it again: roads in Cambodia are insane. But they do make for nice photo-ops. While I recover from my road terror, here are some photos of the crazy stuff we've seen while driving cross-country. Some of these may be re-runs for some of you, but they're worth a second glance.

See the 3rd person?

Question: Did the dude on the moto still have to pay for his seat?

Baskets, baskets...where's the truck?!

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