From Border to Border

This week has been another road trip to a new province. We left the Thai border at Poipet and went all the way to the opposite corner of Cambodia to Kratie, a province in the southeast along the border of Vietnam. SP recently opened a new office in a small town there, and for a variety of reasons, Andrew, a few others, and I made the 9+ hour trip down there to check it out.

As always, the traffic along the way provided plenty of entertainment and awed laughter.

Luckily we were able to stop for a night in Siem Reap to catch up with some friends who worked in Cambodia for a few years, went home for another year, and are now back in the country to work in a church. We all caught up over some Indian food (yum!) and a few laughs.

The next day we spent about 7 hours on the road - one of the nicest roads I've ever seen in Cambodia, and it stretched straight on to our destination. We've spent the past few days visiting different villages and seeing the needs that exist, talking with locals and just getting a feel for the place.

I promise to post more photos soon and tell you more about our trip, but my husband is trying to convince me to exercise, despite the 90+ degree heat, so go I must!
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