I Made It!

As some of you may have known, I've been working on my bachelor's in nursing degree for the past year and a half. I graduated with my associate degree in 2006 (go NCCC Panthers), and last year I decided it was time to grow up and graduate like an adult. I'm happy to say, last week I finished my classes, and this week I will be officially graduated. "Whitney, RN, BSN" looks pretty good to me.

One of the major benefits of my degree program was equipping myself better for my work here in Cambodia. This week, I'm teaching a total of 4 classes with different NGOs in town, on topics like germ theory, the importance of clean water, and first aid. I really feel like I have a much better grasp on things now. Sometimes you learn stuff in school, and promptly forget it for 6 years (like me). So I'm so thankful that my hubby was supportive of me when I decided to go for it last year. And I'm even more thankful that it's over!

So, of course we celebrated with a trip to Bangkok last weekend to get my braces tightened. What was I saying about feeling like an adult???

Me with the dentist office's mascot, all dressed up for Christmas

There is one skill they didn't teach me in school, though - making a fake fly from a potato. Yup, that just boils down to ingenuity. This fake fly was an integral part in a lesson on diarrhea to illustrate how flies carry germs from poop to your food. Fun times!

Now that my studying is over, I'm looking forward to a lot of things - getting to travel more with Andrew, having time to read fun books, and being able to focus on helping out however I can here in Cambodia. I'm excited to see how God uses my newfound knowledge to help other people and serve his Church here.