Teaching About Germs

Yesterday, I traveled out to one of the villages to teach a group of middle school students about germs. One of my friends runs a project through Freedom Stones, and she asked me to teach some health lessons for the kids. This week was my first time, and thanks to a great translator, I think the kids learned a lot.

We talked about germs and how there are millions of them on your body that you can't see; how germs get into our bodies and make us sick; and how to wash our hands properly in order to kill the germs. We also played some games. In one game, we asked one student to cut up a chili, then rub his eyes. Of course, he refused, because there's chili oil on his hands, even though he can't see it - just like germs. We gave out soap when students answered questions correctly during the lesson, too.

Demonstrating hand washing

I really enjoyed putting the lesson together and getting out to village. Of course, we ran out of gas on the way back and took a 10-minute break along the way, which allowed for some leisurely sightseeing.

And of course, I also decided to take a different way half-way home and promptly got stuck in knee-deep mud. Some villagers who lived in a nearby house came out, and I said, Oh please help me! in Khmer. They replied, Wow, you speak Khmer! Yes I know Khmer, I said, but I don't know how to drive a moto! They got a bit of a laugh out of that one.