Back to Cambodia

Our home leave is over and we are back in Cambodia, enjoying cheap Thai food, 90-degree weather, and warm Khmer phrases.

Our four weeks back in America were really wonderful - lots of time spent catching up with friends over coffee and enjoying the fall weather. Cambodia is beautiful, but it doesn't have trees this color!

My (Whitney's) family took another trip to Branson, which we did last year as well during our home leave. Branson was never a big vacation spot for us growing up, but the past few years, it's become our default destination because of its overwhelming number of cheap accommodations and family activities.   This was the first time in several years all of our family was together on vacation. Since my brother and I have both left home (and I have a habit of leaving the country frequently), it can be difficult to arrange a time for us all to get together. But this year, we did it!

Yup, we are definitely back in America.

Eating out with my family - their first time at an Indian restaurant

And of course, spending quality time with this family member

We landed back in Thailand for a night last week then traveled back home. I'm always thankful when our luggage arrives intact and we don't have any major flight delays or misses. It will be another year before we are back in the USA. It seems like a long time - and it is - but we're hoping for another year of great work, seeing God work in people's lives, and more adventures in Cambodia. 

Yup, definitely back in Cambodia!