Back in the Swing

Andrew enjoying a coffee on his way to the capital

Andrew and I have gotten back in the swing of things around here, with our first full week back in Cambodia under our belt. Andrew spent the week in the office, catching up on how his water projects have progressed while he's been gone. I've been getting the house back in order, getting used to having to cook again (after letting everyone else cook American food for me back home), and tackling my last few week's of school. December 7 is the last day of classes, and I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to it.

This week I also met with a local non-profit in town who works with middle school students. I will be giving a health and hygiene lesson next week to the students, and we reviewed the games and posters we'd be presenting. The overarching theme is - Using the toilet gives you germs and makes you sick; you need to wash your hands! A simple concept that most Westerners take for granted, but one that needs reinforcement here. One of my friends told a story of how this past week, she visited a print shop. While waiting there, she saw a kid about 5 years old have diarrhea in a bucket in the middle of the shop, just a few feet away from the parents who were eating lunch sitting on the floor. The kid then ran around the shop, scratching at her butt, with liquid dribbling down her legs, spreading those lovely germs everywhere. And the adults did absolutely nothing. (Needless to say, she didn't wash her hands!) Pretty gross story, but it just represents that this is a very needed educational lesson!

I'll be flying solo for most of this week, as Andrew is traveling for meetings and to visit his other project. While on the road today, he ran across this incredible photo of Cambodian transport. What do you do when you have one guy and two motos?

Why, just strap the 2nd moto on the back, of course!