September is Slippin' Away...

September is officially half over, which means we are fast approaching our home leave. Four Three weeks and four days from now, we'll be landing in KC to enjoy the fall weather, food trucks and family - three things I'm looking forward to. (If you'll have time to catch up, we'd love to see you in October/early November! Drop us a line and we'll make a date!)

For now, we're charging ahead! This week has been a refreshing time of actually staying home for longer than 5 days at a time. Andrew and I did spend a long weekend in Bangkok last week. We went shopping, caught up with some friends, and I got braces put on my teeth. Exciting times.

Now that rainy season has begun, life has slowed down here. Schools are starting to close for the rainy season and October holidays. The Saturday kids' program has been closed until the school break is over in November. Last night, our electricity cut out (for the 3rd time in 24 hours) and returned just in time to help us mop up the flood of water that came pouring in our front door with the arrival of a rainstorm. It's situations like that that make me thankful we don't have carpet!

And me? Study, study, study. With three months left of my program, I'm trying to stay focused and finish strong. That means that a lot of my work here in the city will be on hold or kept to a minimum. But it will all be worth it December 12, when I graduate. (No, I actually don't get to walk down and get my diploma or anything, but I'll just be relieved to not have to spend 90% of my waking hours with my nose in a book/glued to the laptop screen!)

On a closing note, last night we discovered how easy it is to have fun - you just need a plastic bag and some thread. Try this with your kids as a recycling project - "Recycled Bag Kite" has a nice ring to it, I think!