Saturday Afternoon in Poipet

Rainy season, although muddy brings a lot of life to the fields just north of the main road through Poipet. There was a nice bit of sunshine saturday afternoon so we had to make the most of it and get outside! These are some photos I (Andrew) took while we were out dae-leng (walking for fun) yesterday, enjoying the slightly cooler weather as a storm had blown in from the north the night before bringing a cool breeze.

The road was a bit challenging at some points, eventually you have to give up on any hope of not getting muddy. 

Below is an irrigation canal dug around a rice field to keep water in it throughout the dry season. There is a larger pond/basin nearby that water is pumped from to the fields. It looks simple enough but most farms don't have any irrigation in the poorer villages so they are only able to grow rice once a year instead of 2-4 times.

 Some recently constructed country homes/shelters have popped up as the land has become more  developed and filled in and more people migrate/settle in the area.

Then the storm started to build up later in the afternoon.  

In the evening we had our friends over for pizza and a movie night.
 It was a delicious pizza made by these lovely ladies.