School Dedication

On Thursday, I went with Andrew and all the SP staff to the opening of a new school built by SP. The school construction was started almost a year ago, and to celebrate its completion, SP and the local government ministry held a big ceremony, complete with speeches, ribbon cutting, and music.

The inside of the old school building

Outside the old school

The school is in a poor rural village about 45 minutes outside of Poipet, and about 300 children attend. A huge number from the community showed up at the event, which was so encouraging.

Our welcoming committee on arriving to the school

Local high school girls lined up to welcome us

The front of the new school

Andrew has been responsible for overseeing the construction of the school since last fall. He also has worked hard to develop water and sanitation facilities - i.e. bathrooms and a water source - for the school. He designed a treadle pump, which pumps water when a person walks on two levels - looks a bit like a Stairmaster! Below is a picture of the treadle pump (inside the cage), as well as the water tower, latrines, and hand washing station he also helped design.

Andrew waiting on the VIP stage to give his speech

Andrew giving his speech

The official ribbon cutting

Andrew on a local "school bus" with the students

Often with projects here, we don't get to see the final result - often it may be simple things like families having clean water or filters in their homes, or being able to send their kids to school more. So it's really satisfying to see the final product and the excitement of teachers and children, ready to start using it to learn.