Snapshots Of Our Weekend

It's hot here.
I mean, really hot.
As in, over 100 degrees. Every day. For the past week.
So we enjoy the weather in the evenings and hide away from the sun the rest of the time.
That's what we tried to do most of this weekend, and were relatively successful.
Recently, we liberated my cellphone from the States that has been sitting around for the past 5 months. And now, I have a camera to take with me everywhere.
Granted, it's only about 2 megapixels. But it gets the job done.

Rice fields on our walk.

Playing basketball Friday night

Crossing the border into Thailand to shop for house supplies for some new SP interns arriving next week.
The sign on this coffee shop said "Internet-Photo-Copy-Marrigage."
I guess if you need to get married before/after Cambodia, this coffee shop does it all!

Riding the tuk-tuk to Tesco a.k.a. Asian Wal-Mart.
(Does anyone else think "Asian Wal-Mart" is an oxymoron?)
Since all of Wal-Mart is pretty much from Asia.

The sun setting on the soccer fields at the church.

Waffles Sunday morning with our new waffle maker. (Thank you, Tesco)

The children anxiously awaiting their turn at church to sing.
And one little boy who jumped into the photo.

And last, but definitely not least, a snow cone machine, purchased right here in Poipet. Yup, that's right, you can't buy cheese, canned tomatoes, or granola here, but you can buy a snow cone machine. Such is the quirkiness of our city.

Our landlord's kids enjoying the icy goodness of a snow cone.