Happy Anniversary, Cambodia

One year ago today, Andrew and I climbed off a plane, bleary-eyed, and walked into the sweltering heat of Cambodia. It's been a big year of "firsts" for us. Looking back through photos of the year overwhelms me with thankfulness for the many adventures we've had - some intended, some unexpected - and how God has proven faithful in every situation. Cambodia has stretched me, challenged me, and made me more dependent on the Lord than ever before. I can hardly wait to see the person I am a year from now.

Our first week in Phnom Penh

Andrew's hesitancy of buying things in the market - at first!

Seeing the kind of water Cambodians have to drink, for lack of choice

First Thai cooking course

Holiday in Koh Chang

First visit to Angkor Wat

First rainy season - outside the house...

...and inside it.

Learning to live with geckos

Learning to love Cambodia

Experiencing the strange beauty of Cambodia

Loving doing nothing.

First time at the Cambodian coast - for us as well as some Khmer!

Learning to love sunglasses

First time running in Cambodia - for Andrew

New friends

Learning to trust what seems about to fall apart!

Learning to laugh

Seeing family in Thailand

And greeting new ones at home

Riding a motorcycle and loving it

Working with friends, Khmer...

...and from elsewhere!

Getting to go home 

Spending time with family...

...and pets.

Laughing a lot.

And returning to a very wet Cambodia

Introducing the Jayhawks to Cambodians

Being ok with mud!

First Khmer wedding

And getting new pets!

Learning to read and write Khmer

Seeing old friends...

...and making new ones.

First Thanksgiving in a new country

First SP race

First time in Turkey & Hungary

And for Whitney - first 10k!

We've made a lot of good memories. And there are even more to come.

I'm not only sharing photos today - watch out for another post with a giveaway to celebrate our one year anniversary of working in Cambodia!