Freedom Stones Giveaway

To celebrate our one year anniversary here in Cambodia, we are giving away a $25 gift certificate to the online Freedom Stones store!

The contest is over - congrats to Dawn M. for winning!!!!

Freedom Stones is a non-profit organization working in Cambodia, Thailand, and Ghana, dedicated to helping victims of trafficking and preventing the occurrence of trafficking in those who are at-risk. Their website states:

"The Mission of Freedom Stones is to decrease the instances of human trafficking in communities most vulnerable to this international crime. Through holistic skills development, social entrepreneurshipand a microlending strategy, Freedom Stones aims to transform individuals and entire communities so that they can begin walking in their God-given destinies free from extreme poverty, oppression and injustice...

Freedom Stones' ultimate vision is that vulnerable families might have opportunity to earn incomes while also being given the tools to build stronger, thriving communities in areas where poverty has historically perpetuated a cycle of slavery, oppression and injustice."

Freedom Stones does that by creating job opportunities through jewelry businesses, allowing the artisans to support themselves and their families. And believe me, their products are beautiful. Freedom Stones will be working in Poipet for their second year now, and I can't wait to see how their project impacts the lives of people living here.

Here are some of their products - absolutely gorgeous pieces of art that are more than just beautiful, but representative of the artisans' own personal stories.

To enter the giveaway, fill out the form below and answer the funky question (yes, I really want to know the strangest food that's ever crossed your tongue). And guys, don't be shy - you know Mother's Day/someone's birthday/you-don't-really-need-an-excuse-to-get-jewelry-for-the-woman-in-your-life-day is just around the corner!

Good luck!

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