Kampong Soum

After a week in Phnom Penh, Andrew and I were more than ready to get out of the traffic and smog and back to the countryside. Luckily, the yearly staff retreat was lined up for us in Kampong Soum a.k.a. Sihanoukville, Cambodia's biggest beach spot. (You might remember it from last year.)

Let's be honest: Sihanoukville's beaches aren't that great. When you travel to places like the Philippines and Thailand and compare the beaches there to Sihanoukville, its shortcomings become glaringly obvious. But you still find spots where the weed-head backpackers, litter, and aggressive leg-hair-threading-girls don't get in the way of a beautiful photo.

This year, there were few photos, as I was stuck in the hotel room studying for my online courses. Andrew had some great stories about races on the beach, bowling tournaments, and inspiring devotionals in the mornings. I just took photos from our hotel room.

It still manages to be quite beautiful.