It's Shot Time

Friday night, I have to admit - we actually had fun giving vaccinations at the children's home. I know, people who aren't nurses, you are looking at me like some sadistic crazy person. I didn't enjoy inflicting pain on little kids, but I enjoyed interacting with the kids at the home, doing a little nursing work, and getting to hang out with these two lovely ladies -

Gretchen & Patty

Patty had set up and organized everything for us before we arrived, so it was a breeze. We gave 36 kids tetanus, polio, and hepatitis B vaccines in about an hour and a half - pretty good time, if I say so myself! The kids handled themselves pretty well - actually, the older girls were the ones who cried the worse, but they're always dramatic!

We had some scared kids, some brave ones, and some with very big smiles.

My band-aid helper - he made sure all the kids got band-aids ASAP after the shot!

This little girl won the prize for the biggest smile of the night!

Just an interesting side note for medical people - a lot of the older kids (at least half) had small scars on their deltoid (upper arm) right where an IM (intramuscular) shot is normally given. Anyone else think it could be from smallpox vaccination? 

It's great to know these kids are (hopefully) protected against infections and diseases that a huge chunk of the population in Cambodia doesn't have any protection against. And, of course, this is only the first of many vaccination sessions to come for these kids. Big kudos to Patty and her donors for making this happen!