I Love the City

I made it to the capital this past weekend and was incredibly happy to be reunited with my husband. I know, it's like we're still newlyweds or something. Laugh all you want at my cheesiness- Andrew is my best friend, and after a day or two of being away, I'm ready to be back at his side.

Being in the capital feels like we are in a different country - foreigners everywhere, paved roads, American restaurants and European-style coffee shops with blueberry muffins, shiny new supermarkets - our home in the Wild West seems so far away. I definitely enjoy those little luxuries on our trips to the city. And then it strikes me that my list of "luxuries" has definitely grown since coming to Cambodia - like hot water, constant electricity, eating at restaurants that actually serve healthy food, taking a hot bath, being able to pretty much eat whatever kind of food I want (except Ethiopian - still waiting on that one). In America, all of that is just part of life, and even if you are working in the ghetto of the inner city, you can still enjoy all those things on a regular basis.

Now don't get me wrong - I'm not out to start a pity party for me. I write all this to show how much more thankful the Lord has made me for all those things. And by calling them "luxuries", I'm recognizing that I could actually survive without them - and sometimes do. The question is, how complaining and grumpy would I be? Would I be like the Israelites in the desert, who wanted the "leeks of Egypt"? (Can't buy leeks here!) Or would I allow thankfulness to characterize my heart? I pray that every day, it's more of the latter!

In other news, we took the plunge and rented a scooter for our week in town. Andrew took a lot of convincing, especially when we saw a motorcycle accident on my first night here. But so far, it has been convenient and much cheaper than taking "tuk-tuks" (motorcycle rickshaws) everywhere. It has even increased my prayer life dramatically, as driving here "feels like being in a game of Frogger", in Andrew's words (anyone else remember that game?).

Andrew testing out the moto before renting it

Andrew is in town for a week's worth of management meetings with SP before the staff retreat. I am spending my time studying - a lot. I signed up for Khmer language classes all week at a local school and so far am really enjoying it. We study Khmer erratically in Poipet and aren't able to spend as much time as we'd like to learning how to speak, read and write the language. I feel spoiled in having a whole week with language lessons every morning. The rest of my time is spent studying my full-time courses for my BSN (bachelor's in science of nursing) online degree - very excited to have cafes with free Wi-fi to study in!

Some random graffiti on the streets

Unfortunately, I think my stomach has lost its capacity for heavy American food; or I just didn't wash my hands right (or someone else didn't) because I got a lovely case of traveller's diarrhea from last night's dinner. Hope this isn't over-sharing with all of you; just keepin' it real. I think this is my first real case of gastro from living here. I even went and bought myself a course of Cipro (antibiotics) for a grand total of - brace yourselves - 27 cents. 

Gotta love cheap drugs from Vietnam!