A Wedding and a Very Long Trip Home

...and for the final installment of our European Adventure!

True to form, the Hungarian wedding was one big long party. Starting a 2:30 pm and ending long after we went to bed at 2 a.m., it included not one...not two...but THREE dinners, countless dances, and plenty of laughs.

And here are the bride and groom...
Traditional Hungarian wedding with master of ceremonies

Oh wait, just kidding. That's actually the master of ceremonies with the bride's brother dressed up in drag. Hungarian tradition. 

Here's the real bride and groom!

Our dear cousin Matt and his new bride Edit

After being in Asia so long, when we traveled to Europe, we felt almost at home. But the wedding showed so many different Hungarian traditions that aren't a part of American weddings - it was really enjoyable. After the 2:30pm buffet, the guests trekked down to the church for the actual ceremony. 

What, you can't see the bride and groom? Ok, neither could I! Where did all these tall people come from?!? They don't exist in Cambodia!

Then after pictures in front of the church and nearly dying of hypothermia, everyone trekked back to the hotel for the big slam party. One of the most fun parts of the wedding was the master of ceremonies (pictured above in the white frilly shirt). Throughout the whole evening, he announced the next item on the agenda, accompanied with jokes and hilarious stories (luckily, translated into English by Matt's friend) and funny little tricks. 

But of course, one of our favorite things about the whole evening was being able to spend it with family, including Andrew's mother and brother.

About 2 a.m., Andrew and I decided we'd better head to bed - we had a taxi coming for us at 7 a.m. Thus began the very, very long trip home, using all methods of transportation known to man except for a donkey. And wagon. Ok, every modern method of transportation. 

First there was the taxi ride to the train station...
Then the train ride to Budapest (my first real train ride ever!).
Then the plane to Istanbul. Where we decided it was necessary to our happiness to again enter the country and travel the metro to Ikea, where we wandered with mouths agape, had major sensory overload and decision paralysis, and purchased a metal pot rack. All during a 3-hour layover.
Then another plane to Bangkok.
The metro to the bus station.
A mini-van back to Cambodia.
And a tuk-tuk the final 4 kilometers to our home.
All in around 24 hours, we had stamped out of/into four different countries. I think we deserve a medal for that. Or something.

But here we are, back in Poipet, safe and sound again. The weather stayed cool for exactly 2.5 days after our return, as if to give us a gradual adjustment, and now the humidity is back up to 80% with temperatures hovering around 90 degrees F - feels like Kansas in the summertime. Except, right now, it's actually January.